For more information you can send us an
e-mail: info@dagomar.nl

The meaning of the status of our kittens:

On Hold:
We haven't decided about this kitten yet, we are waiting for his/her development.

Option: Serious interest has been shown, but nothing has been decided yet.

Booked: The kitten has found a new home.

* We make no decision before at least 6 weeks of age

*We do not have a queue system in which we sell the kittens in a special order

* You can show your interest but we decide where we sell our kittens

* We are looking for permanent loving homes for our little ones.

When you visit us we ask you to take care of the health of our kittens.

Therefore we ask you just to visit one breeder a day. Bacteria and other causes of illnesses can easily brought from one breeder to the next. When you are ill or one of your pets at home, we ask you to inform us immediately so we can make another appointment.

Our kittens grow up in our family home and will be spoiled by us and our other cats. When they are old enough they are allowed to play in the whole house/garden. We do everything to raise them as very social, lovely tempered kittens. As we devote a lot of love, time and energy raising our kittens, we love to get pictures and reports from them in their new homes.


* They are not allowed to roam unattended outdoors, so a secured garden and/or balcony is wanted. Our kittens are not afraid of anything and very friendly, therefore the street is a dangerous place for then.

*Kittens sold as pet will leave our home neutered. More information about early neutering you can find here.(dutch only)

Please consider this before contacting us. There are no exceptions to these policies.

Our kittens leave the home when they are at least 13/14 weeks old and having a good weight.

We take care for:

* deworming

* vaccinations


* a Felikat pedigree

* an EU passport

If a kitten moves abroad, we will adjust to the rules of export. We prefer to bring our kittens into their new home as it fits our agenda. The costs we have to make are excluded in the price of a kitten.